for producers
A better reel-sharing solution &
the ultimate sales tool
Sharing your reels has never been easier
You need the best references to sell. With, you can search through your directors’ content with keywords such as car, comedy, kids, edgy, nature, etc and create the best playlist in seconds.
Scout talents
You can search for new directors that would fit your briefs. You can see who is freelancing or who represents them in which country
Showcase your work in front of agencies and brands
Companies such as Coca-Cola, Ogilvy or Facebook are using to find inspiration and creators for their projects. They can search for very specific content, find your work and get in touch with you!
Create moodboards
You can search for video references that will illustrate perfectly what you are trying to do. No need to waste time anymore trying to find the perfect references!
Manage privacy
With, you can chose to showcase or hide your videos. You have complete control over your content.
it’s super easy for you: we manage the creation of your page, we take care of your videos, and we onboard you!
Basic Pro Comparison with existing solutions
$99 /month
>$250 /month
Search on & create moodboards
Share reels and search through your own and your directors' videos easily
limited to 15 videos
Showcase your work on
limited to 15 videos
Manage your director's pages
Showcase your latest work on the newsletter and trending sections
A tagger tags your videos for added precision and opportunities to be found
Submit brief to find new directors
Receive lists of unsigned up-and-coming directors
Receive lists of unsigned international directors in your territory
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